Does faith change lives?

Does faith change lives? Not a question we ask that often I suppose, but an interesting
question nonetheless. We may claim to have faith, but does this change us. Does our faith
change our lives? As Christians we know that we are saved by faith alone, but does this faith
make a difference to the way in which we lead our lives? Faith can, and does, make a
difference. Knowing that we are loved by a God who sends his own son into the world can,
and does, make a difference. Knowing that we are called into community and fellowship
can, and does, make a difference. Knowing that we are valued for who we are can, and does,
make a difference.
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Mission Statement.
We are here to help people love and worship God.
We aim to be, and encourage others to become, committed and active disciples of Jesus, who
love God and worship him, who know the power of the Holy Spirit and who show God’s love
in every part of their lives.
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Patronal Prayer for St Mary’s, Ecclesfield

Almighty God,
who looked upon the lowliness of the Blessed Virgin Mary
and chose her to be the mother of your only Son:
grant that we who are redeemed by his blood
may share with her in the glory of your eternal kingdom;
through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord,
who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.
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  • Patronal Festival
    We’re celebrating our Patronal Festival on Sunday 14th September. This is the first
    Sunday after the Feast of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary and we remember the
    patronage that Blessed Mary brings to our Church and our life. Please join us for our
    10 o’clock Parish Eucharist on this special day.

  • Mission Partnership
    We are not alone! Please remember, and pray for, our Mission Partners in Chapeltown,
    Grenoside and High Green. We are seeking to find ways to draw closer together and to
    find common aims and interest in mission and ministry. When chances arise to
    support this Mission Partnership then please do so.

                                                                                   Daniel Hartley
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Of course faith is not a magic cure. Faith works hand in hand with a wider physical and
mental health provision. Having said this I have lost count of the number of people who have
talked to me about the strength and hope that they have got from belonging to the Church.
Drawing closer to Christ happens in all sorts of ways, but it happens most spectacularly
when we do it in community. Sometimes we use the language of “my faith” and there’s
nothing wrong with this. Yet what we are called to remember is that “my faith” only exists
in the context of “our faith”. Together we experience the highs and lows of life. Together we
talk about what Jesus means to us. Together we meet, worship and enjoy fellowship.
So faith does change lives when it draws us from where we are to where God wants us to be.
If you’re not sure where God wants you to be then just take the first step. Come along and
get involved and before you know it you may well see your life changed forever.

         Daniel Hartley
WW1-2 Commemorative Concert
Saturday 13th September at 7.30 pm
St Mary’s Choir and Friends will present a concert commemorating the
1914–18 and 1939–45 World Wars see
Forthcoming Events page
Admission by ticket £ 5.00
Tickets available from choir members and the church Coffee Shop
Faith is good for us; it changes us and brings us closer to wholeness and to wellbeing. In
other words faith is good for our health. A faith lived to the full in the worshipping fellowship
of a Christian community brings hope, meaning and a sense of purpose. Look at our Church
here in Ecclesfield. We worship on a Sunday and during the week – a time to sing, to pray,
to grow spiritually and to meet with people over a cup of coffee. We ring bells – a chance to
create music, to enjoy fellowship and to exercise! We sing as a choir and a music group –
again a chance to create music, to socialise and to enhance worship. We garden, we run
coffee shops, we meet in the week for discussion and fellowship and for many other things.
Faith in action draws people together to deepen their awareness of themselves, their
awareness of each other and, through this, their awareness of Christ.