The records below are photographic copies of documents that were hand drawn and
written up by Mr. F. S. Hague in the period 1959 to 1962 and then later archived. As a
result the quality of the copies is somewhat limited by the deterioration of the original

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How to use the records
To use these records you first need to download or open the appropriate Surname Index.
Each index is bookmarked for easy searching - just click on the Bookmark Tool at the left-
hand side of the Adobe Reader window.

The surname indexes are laid out as follows.
For each surname the forenames are listed in order of date of death or burial, each
forename being followed by the age at death, date of death or burial and the burial stone
number. See example below.

John                59        15-7-1795                804
Anne               55        28-7-1795                804

Once you have found the burial stone number download or open the Burial Stone
file and the Churchyard Plans file.

Now find the burial stone number in the
Burial Stone Locations file, at the side of it will
be a Plot Number and a grid square coordinate. E.g. 536   Plot 4   G 8.

You can then locate the burial stone using the Plot Number and a grid square coordinates
in the Churchyard Plans file.

The churchyard consists of seven (7) burial plots and 1158 identified burials. Please bear in
mind that a particular burial stone (or part of it) may appear in one or more squares on the
grid pattern.

Please note that these indexes
do not include records of burials in the ‘Old Graveyard’
adjacent to the Gatty Hall or the City Council run Cemetery on Priory Road, for these you
need to contact the Sheffield Archive. See link below.
Churchyard Burials
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Churchyard Plans.
St Mary’s - Churchyard Burial Records
You can use these records to search for ancient burials that took
place within St Mary's Churchyard.
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Surname Index - Abd to Cha
Surname Index - Cha to Fis
Surname Index - Fle to Hew
Surname Index - Hew to Loc
Surname Index - Loc to Nut
Surname Index - Smi to Vic
Surname Index - Oat to Sin
Surname Index - Wad to You
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The Ecclesfield Churchyard Transcription

Compiled by Mr. F. S. Hague between 1959 and 1962

Mr. Hague was an engineer working for the YEB (Yorkshire Electricity Board) and a
member of CEMS (Church of England Men’s Society); who in 1959 and in collaboration
with other members of CEMS undertook the cleaning and surveying of the churchyard
and its grave stones.

Over a period of three years Mr. Hague then went on to document the survey work and
produce the plans and indexes now available on St Mary’s Website. In the same period he
wrote a series of nineteen articles for the Ecclesfield Parish Church Magazine and an article
for the YEB News.

These articles have now been scanned and compiled into a single document for all to read.
These articles provide an interesting and often slightly humorous insight into some of the
more interesting graves stones in the churchyard.
Read The Ecclesfield Churchyard Transcription
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Burial Stone Locations
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