In Touch - May & June 2017
Monthly Prayer at St. Mary’s
Image of praying hands
Image of praying hands
For your prayers this month:
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  • For the church at Ecclesfield as they plan for the future.

  • For all who carry hate in their heart – that they may find love as a

  • For the many people who are living with the results of recent terrorist

  • For the Governments of the world that they may work together for

  • For all who feel a real sense of loneliness – help us to see where we
    can bring a little joy into their lives.

  • For all who are living in care homes that they may be cared for with
    respect and gentleness.
We celebrated the resurrection of Jesus at
Easter and now we move along with him
on our own journey of life.    
We praise and thank God for his assurance that each day
we can listen for his guidance and know that he will give us
what we need to do all that he asks of us.  

We give thanks that Jesus did live his life on earth and
showed us the way.

You may like to use the  prayers below this month
When you are unable to join us in church on a Sunday please join us in prayer throughout
the month.