In Touch - February & March  2018
Monthly Prayer at St. Mary’s
Image of praying hands
Image of praying hands
For your prayers this month:
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  • For all who are finding the dark days of winter difficult and for all
    who are coping with the loss of a loved one.

  • For all who are homeless and spend the nights sleeping on our
    streets.  Pray for their safety.

  • For all who lead us in our worship and that all who enter church
    may feel God’s love.

  • For all who find themselves in refugee camps battling with disease.

  • For Doctors and Nurses in our hospitals and GP practices as more
    and more people fall ill at this time of year.

  • For ourselves that we may use any opportunity we have to help those
    struggling with illness or are finding themselves in any kind of need.
It is the time of year when we look forward
to spring – the days start to lengthen and
we see the gardens begin to awaken.   Snow
and frost can still be around the corner but
hope for the brighter days is with us.    We
thank God for the change of seasons which
bring new beginnings and memories of
times past.   
We praise and thank you father for the seasons and for the
celebrations of Jesus birth that have taken place over the last
weeks.  As we journey through the season of Lent we think of
Jesus and all he taught as he travelled the Holy Land.     We
look forward to Easter and the resurrection of Jesus and the
knowledge that death is not the end.  The spring flowers in
our gardens show us that brighter days are coming.
You may like to use the  prayers below this month
When you are unable to join us in church on a Sunday please join us in prayer throughout
the month.