In these very strange times I have spent a lot of time cancelling and re-arranging meetings, weddings and events that were
booked in for April and May.

This month there will be no PCC Meeting; the Church’s AGM has been postponed; none of the PCC Sub-committees will be
meeting until further notice.

But, although the building is closed, Church is still here, because, as I say to every school that visit’s St Mary’s, Church is not a
building; Church is people. And we are still here, we are still worshipping, but in our homes and gardens and on our allotted daily
walk. We still pray for our families, our parish and city and nation. We hold the sick and suffering and those who are bereaved
before God in prayer. We hold in our hearts those who have passed from time to eternity.

Those who are able are helping our neighbours in practical terms: shopping, fetching prescriptions etc. We keep in touch by
phone and email and Facetime.

Things are different, but Jesus’ Church is still here.

Every week there is a broadcast on Facebook with Bible readings, prayers and a reflection. I will be putting something out on the
church’s Facebook page for every day in Holy Week.

So, in your homes and prayers, do keep Holy week as a week of prayer for our nation and as a time to worship God:

Holy Week 2020
Sunday 5th April Palm Sunday - Jesus enters Jerusalem.
Monday 6th April: Monday in Holy Week.
Tuesday 7th April: Tuesday in Holy Week.
Wednesday 8th April: Wednesday in Holy Week.
Thursday 9th April: Maundy Thursday - Jesus’ Last Supper.
Friday 10th April: Good Friday - The Cross.
Saturday 11th April: Holy Saturday - Jesus in the tomb.
Sunday 12th April: Easter Day - Alleluia! Jesus is risen!

God bless you all, Tim
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