"The sermon in eight parts, which forms the contribution to the
Mission at St Mary's Ecclesfield in 2007, is the result of
almost 30 years of preaching similar missions up and down
the country.  The basic content tries to cover my
understanding of the Christian faith and although the stories
have changed, the basic outline has remained the same.

I thank God that some people have found the words helpful in
their own journey into God.  May it be so for all who hear them

Static image of Bishop Jack
Introduction by The Right Reverend Jack Nicholls
Sixth Bishop of Sheffield (Retd)
The sermon was recorded live using the church’s sound system which also feeds a hearing loop.
Because of this no stereo signal was available for recording and as a result the files are mono.
Over 100 sets of 4 CDs and more than 15 sets of Cassette Tapes of the sermon were mastered
and reproduced for sale to the congregation.
Below are two CD inlay images and a printable PDF file.
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What Next
Prodigal Son
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Image of Prodigal Son
As used in 'Jesus Dies'
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Part 8 - What Next
Mark 8: 27 – 37
Playing time 30.9 Minutes Recorded 13th June 2007
Part 7 - What Use is the Church
John 5: 2 - 9
Playing time 23.9 Minutes Recorded 12th June 2007
Part 6 - Jesus Lives
John 20: 11 - 18
Playing time 25.9 Minutes Recorded 11th June 2007
Part 5 - Jesus Dies
John 19: 17 - 30
Playing time 27.8 Minutes Recorded 8th June 2007
Part 4 - Jesus Heals
John 9: 1 - 12
Playing time 24.57 Minutes Recorded 7th June 2007
Part 3 - Jesus Calls
Mark 10: 46 - 52
Playing time 27.6 Minutes Recorded 6th June 2007
Part 2 - What is God like?
John 13: 1 - 11
Playing time 24.2Minutes - Recorded 5th June 2007
Part 1 - Who am I?
John 1: 35 - 42
Playing time 29.5 Minutes - Recorded 4th June 2007
Bishop Jack's Mission Sermon - 2007
You can play the files whilst online using your browser's media player. Or, if you wish
you can download and save the files to your Computer, iPod, MP3 player or even burn
them on to a CD. The files are available in
MP3 format. If you have enjoyed listening to
them please tell your friends about them.
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A Sermon in Eight Parts
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